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Kokomo Beach Club
Opens: We Don't Know Yet
When does it re-open

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    What to EXPECT 10,0000 sq feet of FUN!

    Kokomo Beach Club

    Kokomo Beach Club

    Your Day Club
    • Location
      Kokomo Pool Deck
    • What we Offer
      Food, Shade, Day Grooves, and Open Access to the Pool
    • Food Speciality:
      Pizza, Salads, Calzones, Pastas, etc.
    • Music
      Live music at the pool deck on Saturdays and Sundays
    Pool Deck and Dining Area
    Break the rules and eat, swim, chill


    More than one way to enjoy Kokomo
    • Second Stage Entertainment
      Hot DJs and Entertainment separate from the Main Stage
    • Life Size Games
      Giant Pong, Jenga, Twister, Connect Four, etc
    • Heated Pool
      Water Volleyball or just chill while jamming with the crowd in the pool!
    • Separate Bars and Seating
      Get out of the crowd and enjoy the music and views
    Outside the Crowd
    Games Music and More
    Place 2
    VIP Deck
    VIP Deck

    VIP Deck

    Best of Main Stage and Upper Bar areas
    • Cocktail Servers
      Send someone else for it!
    • Limited seating = limited crowd
      Great Views and Easy Bar Access
    • Surf Board Tables
      Benefits of the stage and Upper Bar area
    • Direct Access to the Main Stage
      Be eye level with your favorite band or DJ
    See it all
    From a Surf Board Table Top
    1477 Queens Bay
    Lake Havasu City, AZ

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      In Compliance with Governor's Orders

      Kokomo Beach Club and Kokomo Havasu Night Club will be closed for business.  As of 6/29/2020, the Governor of Arizona presented Executive orders to close all Bars to help stop the spread of COVID-19.  We will update the re-opening date as soon as we possibly can.