Kokomo And Kokomo Beach Club Open Year RoundYour Lake Havasu Day Club Destination

Kokomo Havasu is your answer to an exciting day or night with friends. By day, relax at Kokomo’s all-new Kokomo Beach Club where you can relax or play in the pool enjoy a game of water volleyball, have a slice of Papa Leone’s Pizza.   This is your place to enjoy a live band during the day and play with the family and enjoy a beverage to relieve the stress of the week.  Have fun playing oversized games in Kokomo’s Backyard and enjoy the amazing views of the Bridgewater Channel.  At Night, dance at the hottest nightclub on the river. Kokomo is the perfect mix of a fun day club, your favorite local bar, and a high-energy nightclub.


Kokomo is a genuinely unique experience and the largest clubs in the Southwest. Located on the water, it continues it’s reign as the West Coast Superclub and caters to partiers from all over the world. As the largest Dance Club in the Southwest, our 10,000 square-foot nightclub features four levels of fun that you can see on shows like Wild on E! and MTV’s Spring Break. We are also listed in World’s Best Nightclubs, and Worlds Best Party Destinations on the Travel Channel.

Kokomo Beach Club
11 AM to Close
When does it end

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What to EXPECT 10,0000 sq feet of FUN!

Kokomo Beach Club

Kokomo Beach Club

Your Day Club
  • Location
    Kokomo Pool Deck
  • What we Offer
    Food, Shade, Day Grooves, and Open Access to the Pool
  • Food Speciality:
    Pizza, Salads, Calzones, Pastas, etc.
  • Music
    Live music at the pool deck on Saturdays and Sundays
Pool Deck and Dining Area
Break the rules and eat, swim, chill

Kokomo Havasu

10,000 Sq Ft Day and Night Club with a Pool for You
  • 14 Full Bars
    FOURTEEN FULL BARS! One place.
  • Games
    Lots of games to play when not at the bar or bouncing to the beat
  • Heated pool open from 11am to 2am
    Pool games and sunshine
  • HOT Entertainment
    DJs you know and beats you love
The Volume, The Fun, The Entertainment, The Music
Place 2
Upper Bar
Upper Bar

Upper Bar

Air Conditioned Area to Party Well
  • Multiple Bars to Keep Your Glass Full
    Under cover
  • Views
    lots of seating for you and your drinks
  • Dance Floor
    Get your groove on in the shade
  • Appetizers
    Great grub to keep the night lasting longer
When you want to
Party or Chill in the Shade


More than one way to enjoy Kokomo
  • Second Stage Entertainment
    Hot DJs and Entertainment separate from the Main Stage
  • Life Size Games
    Giant Pong, Jenga, Twister, Connect Four, etc
  • Heated Pool
    Water Volleyball or just chill while jamming with the crowd in the pool!
  • Separate Bars and Seating
    Get out of the crowd and enjoy the music and views
Outside the Crowd
Games Music and More
Place 2
VIP Deck
VIP Deck

VIP Deck

Best of Main Stage and Upper Bar areas
  • Cocktail Servers
    Send someone else for it!
  • Limited seating = limited crowd
    Great Views and Easy Bar Access
  • Surf Board Tables
    Benefits of the stage and Upper Bar area
  • Direct Access to the Main Stage
    Be eye level with your favorite band or DJ
See it all
From a Surf Board Table Top

Kokomo Getaway Specials When there is SNOWHERE to GO! Special Event Promotions or Just a Getaway

Stay, Play, Party, or Relax

This 3-night package allows you to get away with some playtime you otherwise would have to come out of pocket for. Get your cake and eat it too so too. Book any 3 nights with this package and we will include $100 Resort Credit to use for food or entertainment on site! So get your chill on and settle in for a hot adventure!

1477 Queens Bay
Lake Havasu City, AZ

Have Questions? We’re here to answer and help solve all your problems

We are working with you to stop the spread of COVID-19

On March 19th, the CDC along with our Governor, County, City Representatives, and Local Health Professionals expressed further urgency in stopping the spread of COVID-19.  We support this measure and as a gathering place and day/nightclub, we are stopping service for the next 2 weeks and are presuming the ability to open for business again on around the beginning of April.

With this in mind, Kokomo will reopen as soon as possible and will continue following all public health guidelines, safety protocols, and best practices put in in place by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention,  Mohave County Department of Public Health, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) who have issued guidance for businesses for COVID-19 that include tips for preventing the spread of the virus and steps to reduce workers’ risk of exposure.

We are looking forward to seeing you healthy and in good spirits really soon!