Beer Pong Tips

1. Practice makes perfect

If you’re not good now, that’s ok. Practice makes perfect with any sport, even one as subtle as beer pong. Using water to practice at home or with friends is an easy way to master your shots and play styles.

2. Know your Buzz Level

In my experience, the best games happen when I’m in the right frame of mind. Some people make killer shots while having too much fun, and some people work better with a cold start. Regardless of your preference, know what your mental level is and watch it going into the game. You don’t want to have to call a celebrity halfway through because you’re mental toast.

3. Watch that Bounce

Bounce shots can be the best or worst thing to happen to your team, depending on who makes it. When you land a bounce shot, you bounce the ball off on the table into one of the cups, and get two off the board. However, your opponents can swat it away at any time. The same goes for your team, so be on the lookout for those tricky bouncing balls.

4. Know your Shots

Beer Pong has evolved into a game that has many rules or none at all, and depending on who you’re playing with, this could change. Just remember there are different ways to tag cups off the table. The most standard is the arc, but there is also the straight shot, which is difficult but rewarding, the bounce shot, which takes two cups for the price of one, and the trick shot. The trick shot is a nasty little skill shot that can literally involve bouncing the pong off of walls or people, throwing with your eyes closed, flipping it from under your legs…you get the idea. The shots are high risk and high reward, namely for the amount of props given when made.

5. Be a Good Sport

This comes down to party karma, especially during spring break. It may be hard to walk away from a blowout game, or even a close one, but it’s always good to give props to your opponents after, and congratulate them for a good game. Even if they don’t accept, it shows everyone at the party that you’re a chill opponent to play with. On top of that, it gives you a good name at the party and that often comes with good things. Karma is key.


Author: The Dude

Published: 2017-02-07 16:58

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