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When there are too many people…(Is that a real thing?) what to do.

You know the feeling, a bit miffed at not being able to get around a group or mob of people while carrying your libations back to your table. What about when its gridlock for EVERYONE. Is that a real thing? It is. It is real when you are so overwhelmed with people all around you all of the time that you cant even think straight. Several social psychologist have found the frustration levels in an even minor pause or setback in your movement to a safe destination creates a high, if not dangerous level of anxiety that can result in saying or doing something you regret. Here are several ways you can pull it down a notch and make good decisions in dealing with body blockages in parties and crowds:

1. Take a deep breath. Sometimes, you might get lucky and get a contact high depending on your location, but the deep breath pulling oxygen into your system will help you get you under control in a situation where there is no control. Big first Step. (Scroll down for more…)

2. SMILE. Its a fact that the human brain issues dopamine at the mere suggestion of happiness which brings you a bit of piece. The simple smile (with your eyes no less) releases that loveryl chemical and helps you get calm and centered…especially with a nice boost in oxygen from a good deep breath.

3. Manners. Most don’t have them, and those that do recognize. Those that don’t might recognize and react like their momma taught them. Say, “excuse me, please” instead of “dang it! Move your rump! You jackalope” (or something similar). The reaction to polite manners vs demanding Aeronautical Hole, is so very different and can mean fast forward movement.

4. Bigger can be better. Find someone who is moving through the crowd. Just look for a Big aggressive person and let them take over parting the crowd. nothing wrong with being a minnow following a Shark…right?

5. Give up. Just lay down and throw the temper tantrum of the ages. Make sure you are loud and obnoxious enough that the music stops and everyone just turns to look at you. Red sirens and vomit with unintelligible ranting will easily get the crowd parted and you to a safe and secure seat. Most likely in a holding cell or padded room, but you will have some sort of success in getting out of the grid lock.

Good luck in shuffling through the dynamics of personalities that are inherently trying to prevent your forward movement in a sea of meat popsicles. We wish you the best of luck in securing your place in the successful group of winners that can manage crowd like pac man manages a heard of blinking ghosts. (so 1980s there).

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